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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oh For Petesake, Aren't Any of Them Clean?

Reports are coming in that the Tour de France pre-race favorite Alexandre Vinokourov has failed a drugs test. The Kazakh rider has asked for a second sample to be tested but well, this is cycling... I think we know what's going on by now.

So not only do we have the leader of the race missing a test but we also have two other riders with failures to their names. This year was supposed to herald the 'New Cycling' but so far it's looking to be worse then the 'old cycling'.

So because of this one schmuck, the whole of the Astana team has been pulled out of the race by their sponsors. What with this and the German news team pulling out last week, you have to ask yourself how long cycling can last as a legitimate sport. Oh wait, that boat already sailed...

[BBC Sport]

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At 6:38 pm, Anonymous Extra P. said...

Our first sign that there may be doping in cycling? A man from Kazakhstan is a favorite to win it.

At 2:47 am, Anonymous dailytri said...

Another way to look at it: Everyone's doping, so it's not really cheating, it's just breaking the rules to even the playing field. No matter how it's sliced, pro bike racing is taking itself down the Alps with no breaks.

At 6:51 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Haha! You're both very right. It's like these guys don't realise they are killing their own income!

At 2:33 am, Anonymous Frankie said...

Lance Armstromng heads the list of cow blood transfusion cheats.

They all dope. (steroids, cortisone & EPO)

Only a few were on the cow blood based gas bus. Armstrong started that it in 1999.


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