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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Dolphins should go after Nate Clements. With a Vengence.

He'd look better as a fish...If the rumors are true, then the Dolphins should be taking a long, hard look at #22 on the Bills roster. In fact, if Nate clements really is going to explore free agency, then Miami need to make sure that they take the longest, hardest look need to make damn sure that they sign him ahead of anyone else.

If any team could use some help in their secondary its the mighty fish. I'm unsure whether it was the players or the system but the Dolphins secondary were just plain horrible at times during the regular season and you just can't have that problem in todays NFL. If a team, any team at all, knows that you're vulnerable deep, they can and will exploit that hole in your defense no matter what the cost. And every time they do, you risk going down by seven points.

Ever since the Dolphins lost Patrick Surtain and then (making possibly the worst decision of the whole season and despite his offer to take a pay cut), let Sam Madison go, the Dolphins secondary have played without flair, without shape and without strength. Nate Clements would have an instant impact at corner back and would introduce a leadership figure into the Phins secondary.

At the very least signing him would really stick one to the Buffalo Bills. And really, what other excuse do we need?



At 11:59 am, Anonymous NFL contracts = Pack of damn lies « Shot to Nothing… said...

[...] (for contract read: useless piece of paper) with the 49ers. Perhaps I’m just bitter because I wanted the Dolphins to go after Nate Clements and they didn’t or maybe I’m just a pessimistic asshole, but Clements is 27 years old [...]


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