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Thursday, January 25, 2007

In Scotland, Throwing a Big Stick Qualifies as a Sport

My Stick is bigger then yours.<- Look at his big stick man. Look at that big frickin' log he's carrying. Is your log as big as his? Is it huh?! Is it?!!

As if being World Elephent Polo Champions three years running wasn't weird enough for Scotland, 'Tossing The Caber' is not only a big time Scottish sport but its also part of the national psyche. I think its something to do with that whole 'We don't need any poncy balls or nets like the English, just bring us some big logs and we'll show you a real sport!' thing they have going on.

Its like nothing the English do can be condoned and as the English play every known sport under the sun, the Scottish have to make something up in order to be different. Then they have to name it something that no other person in the entire world would want to be famous for: 'Tossing The Caber'. Sheesh, they might as well have called it 'Malesting the Wood' for goodness sake...

And if you think that dude looks pretty nuts carrying that big bloomin' tree around, look at how many people have turned up to watch him do it. Now thats crazy.



At 5:49 am, Anonymous WBRS Sports Blog said...

Maybe it is a sport...I don't think I can throw a big stick as far as that dude in the picture.

At 6:16 pm, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Heh, no me either. Maybe if they added in some field goals or something it would be a bit more entertaining though!

At 6:17 pm, Anonymous halil said...

Hi i write from Germany my klass make a project about scotland I Copy the very good picter and past it in my map
thanks Halil

At 12:23 pm, Anonymous adrian mcmanus said...

Hi, the scots are not unique in this respect. the basque country in spain has similar 'strong man' events. here's some info:


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