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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Johnny Wilkinson to save the day again?

Not just a name for a condomIf you don't know Rugby Union, let alone who Johnny Wilkinson is, then allow me to introduce him:

Its all tied at 17-17 in the last minute of over time in the Rugby Union World Cup Final. Wilkinson was pretty much 95% of the reason England had made it all the way to the final so what happened next was no surprise. See it HERE

The only other time I have been brought to my feet cheering as loud as I did after this was when Tony Almaeda returned in 24 as 'the only man' Jack Bauer 'could trust'. That was a big moment for me. Huge Tony Almaeda fan. HUGE.

Anyhoo, after such an amazing performance in the last World Cup, it's no surprise that Johnny has been called up again, despite only having played 49 minutes of Rugby in the last nine months due to injury.

I know it was a surprise to Wilkinson himself but I can't understand why anybody with disagree with his selection.



At 5:57 am, Anonymous WBRS Sports Blog said...

Wow rugby is a real sport. I could never do that.


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