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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Turnoversaurus Rex and the 1 Billion Cavemen

Are you ready?Approximately one month ago I had just launched this blog and was vacantly surfing around the intraweb, looking for something that I could use that sort of... summed up the whole 'Shot to Nothing' idea.

I came across an online bookie who was offering 11/1 (12.0) against the Colts winning the Superbowl and in that moment I thought 'Thats it. That's the Shot to Nothing right there'

My reasoning was pretty simple; The Colts would almost certainly NOT make it to the big game, but for that massive price and with the Colts having the awesome Offense (atleast on paper) that they have, how can anyone pass up on that bet? I could afford to lose the money and I saw it as the perfect theme for my blog.

Then the weird things started to happen, not so much with the Chiefs but certainly with the Ravens. I really didn't think the Colts could win that one and even when they did, I still wasn't confident in my bet at all.

After one and half quarters into the Patriots game I was resigned to another Brady bowl and a fairly disappointing prospect in a Bears, Pats matchup (which is purely personal I guess). It didn't happen though, thanks to a truly awesome comeback by Peyton Manning and his team of playoff underachievers.

All of a sudden I was faced with the fact that the Colts could win the Superbowl after all. I almost couldn't believe it to tell you the truth. But thats what a 'Shot to Nothing' is all about you see. Its how I like to gamble, blog on sports and live my life in general. You've got to take a chance now and then otherwise you'll never know what you can achieve.

Ain't that right Rex?

After all those games turning over the ball and getting slammed one week by the press and then put on a pedastal the next, you must have been thinking "Hey, maybe I'm not cut out for this whole 'Quarterback' thing..." But look where you are now Rexy baby! You're about to put on a show thats going to be watched by a ridiculous 1,000,000,000 people worldwide and its all going to be LIVE. I suppose you've already realised by now that if there was a time to screw up, then this Sunday sure as hell ain't it, ehy buddy?

I've come full circle this offseason. I started off disappointed with yet another below average Dolphins performance and with a no hoper 'Shot to Nothing' bet. As the weeks progressed I began to get more and more excited and more and more optimistic about the Colts chances. Now I think they can win it. I'm dead sure that they will beat the Bears.

And if they do I'll have won over $3,000. Fingers crossed.



At 4:13 pm, Anonymous WBRS Sports Blog said...

That is awesome! I will be rooting for the Colts now.


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