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Friday, March 09, 2007

Is Matt Leinart a Brady love child?

The forehead, the jawline, the ladykiller style... I'm just putting it out there is what I'm doing.could it be?

Of-course, this would mean that Brady knocked some chick up when he was six, but ehy, this is Tom 'mom maker' Brady we're talking about here. Is it really that unbelievable?

Ok, yeah it is, but what with everything that's going on right now, I'm starting to wonder if Brady's Seamen kind of see contraception as 'The Defense' or something. Think about that for a minute...

What kind of play would be the most appropriate to surpass a Ribbed Durex? Would the right type of offense for a cap be the same for that of a coil? I'm assuming smash mouth does not perform well in this situation, or atleast, won't get you all the way to the endzone anyway. Hmm...

Either way, it's probably a good bet that Brady isn't going to retire anytime soon. At the rate he's going, he can't afford to.



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