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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Roman Sebrle is a Hard Bastard

Iron ManOlympic Decathlon Champion and World Record holder Roman Sebrle has always had a reputation as being a modern day ironman. But now he's just taking it too damned far.

Whilst training in South Africa in January Sebrle was speared through the right arm in a freak accident. Ashia Hansen, a fellow athlete who witnessed the incident, said "It was really surreal; the javelin hit him in the shoulder and he just pulled it out..."

Thats right. The man was hit by a javelin that put a 12cm gash in his arm and went right through to the otherside and he straight up pulled the damn thing right out. How hard can one man be?

Pretty hard actually. Three days later he was out on the field training again. Yeah-huh.

Perhaps no one expected South African Javelin expert Sunette Vijoen to lash one out there to such a distance; the throw that caught Sebrle was also her longest of the session, (which makes me wonder if she had been trying to spear him all day and missing...). I would look out for her at the World Champs if I was him.

You can still see the scar in the photo. It fits quite nicely with his 'Not even a fucking spear attack can slow ME down' expression.

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At 2:22 pm, Anonymous Javelin Accidents are not as Funny As They May Appear « Shot to Nothing… said...

[...] guy, which is probably why he will take this so badly. But you have to ask, with this being the second time a javelin accident has occurred this year, perhaps new safety measures need to be brought in; [...]


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