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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Grand National 2007: A Gamblers Guide Part 2

Now for the ones I do like:

Point Barrow and Clan Royal are the two horses that I'm most interested in. The GN is all about stamina, if your horse has stamina then it stands a good shot at the title. Point Barrow is all about stamina, which he proved beyond a doubt at the Irish National. At 10-1 he is a fantastic bet and one that I may well be taking.

Then there's Clan Royal. this is a horse that has been hyped every year to ridiculous proportions and has disappointed every time. I've never bought into Clan Royal before but this year, with odds slipping further and further and a complete absense of hype, I'm starting to get a niggling feeling...

Now I want you to understand, there is no logic to picking Clan Royal he's got age and past form against him, but I'm a Gambler; I am perfectly willing to risk it all on 'guts and feel'. Back in 2004 there was an old horse called 'Amberleigh House' in the field which tipsters the world over proclaimed as 'too old' and 'shouldn't be given anymore runs at this course'. But I had a feeling about him. I can't explain it, it was just there. that year I bet on him at 11-1 and made a killing when he won.

And I've got that same feeling right now over Clan Royal. It defies logic, but he is definately my 'Shot to Nothing' bet.

Other good horses include: Dun Doire, Jack high and Livingstone Bramble but again, I wouldn't bet on any of those horses on the nose. If you want to be a winner this weekend,place your bet each way.

Oh and btw, if I haven't mentioned a horse then it's for a very good reason. That old nag isn't going off at 100-1 for nothing you know...

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