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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Things to do when you Retire from Sports: Broadcasting, Coaching, Crime...

He lyin'!So, what's a digraced former 100m World Record holder to do after he's cuaght cheating and banned from the track?

Well Tim Montgomery appears to have decided that the multi-million dollar bank fraud and money laundering game is the way forward.

Yesterday Montgomery pleaded guilty to charges in relation to an alleged conspiracy to deposit $5 million in stolen, altered or counterfeit cheques into several different banks over a three year period. He could now face up to four years in jail and will be sentenced in November.

I guess that quickness of feet is not always matched by speed of wit. Twelve others, including Montgomerys coach, were also charged along with him. First the Balco drugs fiasco and now this, there must be an NFL team interested in him by now surely...

'Sprinter Pleads Guilty to Fraud' [BBC Sport]

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