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Monday, June 18, 2007

Cross Your Fingers and Pray For a Quick Summer

Alright sports fans this is serious. We all know these summer months are nice and warm but inside our sports lovin' hearts are turnin' cold. So now that the NBA finals have er... happpened, what the heck are we going to do from now until September 6th? Well don't worry peeps, your ol' buddy Sanchez has hooked you up with just enough decent action to get you through the next few months. And I mean it when I say 'just enough'

June - 25th Wimbledon. So yeah it's Tennis, but it's Tennis at it's best and you could always make it more interesting by betting everything you own on Federer to win. That'll give you a good two weeks of butt-clenching sporting action.

July - 1st,8th and 22nd The French, British and European Formula 1 Grand Prix's. Considering half the races take place on circuits in and around Europe, I'm not sure why they need to specify a particular 'European' Grand Prix...

- 7th-15th The IFAF (International Federation of 'American' Football) World Cup. I don't even know if this will be on t.v. but ehy, if you're a real football fan you'll find a way to watch it. Bitch.

- 6th and 13th Two Golden League Athletics Meets. The biggest track stars compete for major prize money. If an athlete wins all six Golden League events he/she wins a share of $1 Million. In 2005 Tatyana Lebedeva was the only athlete to win her event (Triple Jump) in all six Golden League Meets and therefore took the whole $1 million. Which ain't half bad really.

August - 5th, 26th Hungarian and Turkish Formula 1 Grand Prix's. Hopefully by this point either Lewis Hamilton has a clear lead or one of the two Ferrari drivers has finally stepped up to the challenge (Like that's going to happen...)

- 24th IAAF World Athletics Championships. These come around every two years so it's not quite as prestigious as the Olympics. But it's still right up there as the number two event for any athelete.

So there you have it, Tennis, Athletics, Amateur Football and Motor Racing; pretty thin on the ground I know but what else are we gonna do, watch Baseball all summer?

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At 7:55 pm, Anonymous Michael McNeil said...

August 5th -- Also the first live NFL action of the season with the Saints and Steelers squaring off in the Hall of Fame Game. I know it is just preseason, but it still is football.

At 5:27 am, Anonymous twins15 said...

Actually yeah, I plan on watching a lot of baseball this summer... and I have a feeling I will enjoy it a lot! :)

At 7:04 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Mike - Meh, pre-season schme-season ;)

twins - I'll watch some baseball, probably won't enjoy much of it... but I may like the odd stolen base :P

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