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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm all for jumping on the bandwagon, but $80,000 for Hamilton's kart seems a little too much...

The ebays have struck again. Lewis Hamilton has sold one of his former racing karts for £42,000 (just over $80,000) today.

I'm guessing the added bonus of getting to meet Lewis himself went along way to securing such a phenominal figure, but I could be wrong. That Kart can do about 80mph and has won several hi-profile er... Karting races, so perhaps this makes it the perfect gift for the Hamilton crazed karting kid?

And before you start in with all that 'cashing in' or 'selling out' malarky, all proceeds from the sale of the kart wil go to Tommy's which is a babies charity I believe. Which is yet another reason to like the guy, I guess.

[BBC Sport]

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At 6:17 pm, Anonymous Extra P. said...

Krazed Karters! Look out!


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