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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ranking the Formula-1 Drivers

Ranking Formula-1 drivers is not an easy thing to do whether it be pre, mid or close season. The fact is that the cars play a major role in how good a driver looks and in order to rank them, you have to look at how they compare to others in their particular bracket of car strength.

And then you have to bite the bullet and admit that those two assbags that you hate (including that robot who drives for your team, ragnamit) are actually competing for top five spots in your list.

So that's what I did and, for good or for ill, here's my rankings:

#1 - Kimi Raikkonen (Robotkonen) - Yes he's a humourless, personalityless drone but the truth is that when Kimi drives at 100% (and he rarely does) he is the best driver in Formula-1 today.

#2 Lewis Hamilton - Lewis is without a doubt the most difficult man to place. Since F1 has returned to Europe, Hamilton's lack of experience has shown, but but but... this kid is a rookie who made the podium in all of his first nine races and that just doesn't happen in Formula-1. He has constantly bitch-slapped his team-mate, who just happens to be the reigning World Champion and, although it's unlikely, he may just win the whole damn thing this year. Where the heck else can you place him?

#3 Nick Heidfeld - I want to see Nick Heidfeld in a Ferrari next year. He has impressed in every team he's been in but hasn't achieved the recognition he deserves mainly because he has missed out on a seat in a top car. Heidfeld constantly presses the barriers that hold back whatever car he's driving and if BMW were just a little bit more competetive this year, he would be a title contender.

#4 Fernando Alonso (Moon Face) - So... difficult... to say good things... about Alonso... but... must try: Moon Face is the two time reigning World Champion and he drove an incredible race for a on the weekend for a well deserved win. The thing is, his two world championships came largely uncontested and whenever the other teams showed an iota of strength, Alonso usually lost (and then blamed it on his team). Also, he can drive fast but have you seen him try and overtake? He's terrible at it! Which, being an F1 driver, isn't really a good sign.

#5 Robert Kubica - Kubica is probably the most underrated driver in the whole of F1. He has shown constant flashes of brilliance despite the fact that he is still relatively inexperienced. BMW must be thanking their lucky stars to have two such incredible talents on board, but I think if they don't improve their car after this season, then they may have trouble holding on to them. If they do though, look for Kubica to be challenging for the World Championship very soon.

#6 Mark Webber - Maybe it's because he's Australian and Australians are always underrated, or maybe it's because he hasn't really had a decent shot yet, but people tend to overlook Webber. That's a grave error though, especially if last weekends podium finish is anything to go by. It's up to Red Bull to do the business now, if they can get him half-way there, Webber will show them the rest of the way home.

# 7 Alexander Wurz - All I really need to say here is that Wurz has a third and a fourth place finish this year... in a Williams. If McLaren hadn't have screwed him over a couple of years ago, Wurz would be a World Champion by now. And he's also the nicest darned sportsman in the entire universe.

# 8 Felipe Massa - The problem with Felipe is that any of the drivers above could do a better job in the Ferrari then he could. He has looked extremely good at times, which is likely to be why Ferrari hired him in the first place, but he's more inconsistent then this years play at Wimbledon.

#9 Heikki Kovalainen - One for the future. Heikki is yet another great young prospect from Finland who is regularly out performing his bracket.

#10 Scott Speed - Nobody is going to agree with me on this one. Which is fair enough really seeing as Speed hasn't completed many races this year but trust me, I watched the dude in A1 racing and he's got game. If only his car would quit breaking down on him three laps into every race , then we might really see what he can do.

So that's my Top Ten F1 drivers, it took me a lot longer to work out then I thought it would and I've torn a lot of hair out over it. I hope you think it was worth it.

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At 7:55 pm, Anonymous University Update - Kimi Raikkonen - Ranking the Formula-1 Drivers said...

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At 11:45 pm, Anonymous Alex said...

What F1 coverge have you been watching this year? Have you been living on the moon?

I find your driver ranking astonishing! Crazy!

Statistically, Massa has been the fastest driver this year. Eight pole positions and most fastest race laps of anyone and you rank him 8th?. This guy has outdriven your so called No. 1 Kimi more times than not and with a bit more luck (and team orders aside) he would have been the one challenging for the title this year. Along with Lewis they will be the one setting the standards in the years to come as year on year he gets better and better. Alex Wurz (that journeyman) at 7th? Kubica and Webber up there also (you are having a laugh). Your ranking system is embarrasing. Why dont you shove your website up your arse. I have seen more intelligence from Mr Bean. Imbecile!

At 7:59 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Coming out of retirement for this one comment ->

Considering I wrote this ranking in July when Kimi was nowhere near being World Champion and then considering that Kimi went on to win the World Title when nobody else thought he could... AND considering that Hamilton came second and I ranked him at second AND considering that Webber consistently qualified in the top five towards the endof the season (in a far inferior car)ANNNNNND considering that Massa is a one lap wonder, rarely pressing home his advantage...

I think I did a pretty good job. Number 9 and 10 I might change now but hey, if you disagree then that's fine, but theirs no need to be an asshole about it.

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