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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Ridiculocrity Of The UK Team Selection Is Never(ever)ending.

The man to your right is Dave Collins and he may well be the worst manager of all time. In any sport.

Aside from the fact that the guy has an IQ level lower then that of a Tic-Tac, he seems completely incapable of making a good decision. After last week's ludicrous one event restriction was placed on Marlon Devonish, I didn't think things could get much worse. But yes, ofcourse they can.

A British Athlete called Jenny Meadows, who has not only been consistently good and shown huge potential all season but has also achieved the A standard qualifying time in 800m, has been passed over for Rebecca Lyne, an athlete who has been injured for the last 18 months and has shown zero form since her comeback. Why have they made such a horrendous decision? Well, Beccy Lyne won a medal once... a few years back... sure she sucks at the moment but why should that count against her?

I know, it's exasberating isn't it? Oh, and they've included a athlete who has just come back from a ban for missing drugs test... and she has zero form at the moment as well.

Dave Collins and the whole UK Athletics management team should be fired for imcompetence with immediate effect and replaced by somebody (anybody) with an ounce of brain power.

[BBC Sport]

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At 6:38 pm, Anonymous We Interrupt Football Week For a Special Report: Suck On That Dave Collins « Shot to Nothing… said...

[...] or may not remember me ranting ceaselesly on about Dave Collins and the U.K. Athletics team’s ridiculous choice to take out of form Rebecca Lyne to the World Championships instead of the rising ..., who has beaten Lyne twice already this [...]


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