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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Forget Fantasy Football, Fantasy Track Is Where It's At...

With the World Athletics Championships just around the corner, the IAAF have launched a Track and Field fantasy game!

The details are sketchy at best so far, which leads me to believe that they haven't really thought the idea through yet, but with signed T-shirts(!) and World Athletics Tour Tickets on offer to the winners, it could well be worth entering.

I know I will be!

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At 5:41 pm, Anonymous Extra P. said...

Now that's funny. I tried fantasy beach volleyball once, but it wasn't really geared toward the kind of fantasy I was looking for.

At 5:49 am, Anonymous twins15 said...

i think i was in fantasy nascar and fantasy golf before... which was a bit hard since i know zilch about either sport.

At 12:41 pm, Anonymous Blogsifting: Shootin’ from the hip « With Malice… said...

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