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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Man Utd. Sign Nine Year Old. No, Seriously.

Up until last week nine year old Australian kid Raihn Davis was just some talented junior who scored more goals then his team-mates. But not anymore!

After his grandfather put together a DVD of him playing for his school team, Manchester United picked up the phone and signed Rhain to their youth squad. Previous to this move, David Beckham was the youngest player ever signed by a club, at age 14. I guess they figured that that turned out ok, so heck, why not sign a kid who's barely learned his 2 times table?

Here is young Rhain's er... 'highlight reel':


One of the biggest clubs in the world signs a nine year old Australian kid after watching a dvd of him which his grandfather sent to them. Sometimes this shit just writes itself.

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At 10:50 pm, Anonymous twins15 said...

Wow... that is wild. Sometimes you just have to love European soccer. :)


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