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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blogroll Driveby...

Some of the best from around the Blogzone...

Just like every othe non-Cleveland dwelling football fan, I just love to laugh at the Browns [Epic Carnival]

After making one wild eyed predicition about the Yankees, twins takes a more rational angle toward the NL West in the Thursday Debate. [Complete Sports]

Hey, a water bottle can be a dangerous weapon in the arms of a... well anyone really. [Signal To Noise]

If you can say this guys name three times fast without screwing up I applaud you. [The Extrapolater]

There is help in time of need and [Babes Love Baseball] can show you where.

You know what the scary thing about this is? It's that it's all true. All of it. [Our Book of Scrap]

And finally...

Because these days, everything is a sport... [One More Dying Quail]

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