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Friday, July 27, 2007

Ferrari Are Not Thrilled About Being Spied On.

Understandably, Ferrari are feeling a tiny bit outraged at the complete lack of punishment the McLaren team received for spying on them.

"We are reflecting on what to do after the incomprehensible and grave decision made in Paris," 

...was the head of Ferrari, Jean Todt's comment after McLaren were let off scott-free. And he's right too; It's a bit like a kid who steals exam results and then claims that his grade is valid because he didn't 'use the information to his advantage'.  Just to clarify, McLaren were found guilty of spying but were not given any punishment because 'There was no evidence that the stolen information was used to gain an advantage'.

"It's difficult to understand that one who is deemed to be guilty goes unpunished," 

And this isn't some small over-blown incident either, McLaren's chief designer was caught with a 780 page dossier of Ferrari's technical information. I am a little less stunned then Ferrari about the lack of punishment here, as Formula-1 has regularly shown a bias against the Ferrari team. The biggest issue here though, is that it sets a dangerous precedent for other sports.  What the court has essentially said is that the act of espionage itself, is not a crime in the sporting world.

It would be fair to say that this is one of the worst judgements in sporting history and it is not going to go away quickly.

[BBC Sport]

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