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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Blogroll Driveby...

Some of the best from around the Blogzone...

A bit like politics,
religion is another thing that should not mix with sport. Unless it's like, a religious sport or something... but I don't know any of those. Umm...hmm... [Epic Carnival]

"Eric Gagne is a Red Sox, Mark Texiera is a Brave, and nobody else matters." - It's the trade deadline minus the faff. [Babes Love Baseball]

Billy could kick Lou's ass any day. I mean just look at that nosething, he could take eys out with that baby! [Home Run Derby]

Finally the Culpepper fiasco is brought to an end. In Oakland, of all places. [WBRS Sports Blog]

Julio Franco (excellent name) has been cut by the Braves [Stupid Sideline Reporters]

There are two many things on this list that sound like me... [Pacman Jonesin']

Althought this article makes for convincing reading, I'm not sure I buy Jason Campbell having a breakout season this year? [SI]

And finally...

Why the heck does Alison Stokke think she needs acting skills? It's not like Jessica Alba has them... [Sports By Brooks]

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At 6:56 pm, Anonymous Marquis Chapman said...

These blogs had some very interesing articles. I heard is a great sports blog. You should check it out. I go on there everyday.


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