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Thursday, August 16, 2007

We Interrupt Football Week For a Special Report: Suck On That Dave Collins

You may or may not remember me ranting ceaselesly on about Dave Collins and the U.K. Athletics team's ridiculous choice to take out of form Rebecca Lyne to the World Championships instead of the rising star Jenny Meadows, who has beaten Lyne twice already this season.

Well it turns out that Lyne can't make it because she hasn't fully recovered from injury. This leads me to believe (naturally) that fate thinks Dave Collins is an idiot too. If I was Jenny Meadows right now I'd be half-tempted to tell Collins where to stick it when he calls up all crawling and begging. Half tempted... this is the World Champs afterall.

I can only hope Meadows now goes on to win a medal so that the whole world can see just how brainless the U.K. athletics selectors really are. Go Jenny, we're right behind you.

[BBC Sport]

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