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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Brian Joubert needs to open up a can of 'Walking the Walk'

Ooooh.. The French Nationals gold...Back in 2002 the French Skater Brian Joubert declared that he intended to win the Europeans, the Worlds and The Olympics all in quick succession. He didn't.

Then just after Stephane Lambiel, the Swiss World Champion, pulled out of this years Europeans, Joubert lambasted him in an interview with 'Eurosport Live' (the things I'm reduced to watching...) basically saying that he had wimped out of a head to head confrontation with the Frenchman.

The thing is, after Jouberts incredible 6th place finish in Torino 2006, I'm not entirely sure any of the top male Ice Skaters, including Lambiel, are really all that bothered about Joubert. In fact the only one who seems interested in Jouberts recently average results is Brian Joubert himself.

With no Plushenko, Lambiel, Weir or any other big name in mens figure skating to compete with, you would have thought that Brian would seize the opportunity in this years Europeans. Nope. He fell early in his short routine and barely scraped his way to 2nd place in the end.

Sadly, this is just another case of an athlete who thinks he's 'it' when, to everyone else, he's just '**it'. Shut the heck up and skate Brian.



At 3:38 pm, Anonymous Andromeda said...

You don't know enything about him! So shut up!
He is really good skater and person as well!

At 5:34 pm, Anonymous Artemis, Norway said...

What do you know. It seems to me like you haven't seen any Brian's performances this year. Did you at all see his Cup of Russia skate?

I love his skating style. He skates like the man he is, and not like a lady - like Johnny "Queer" Weir.

At 6:38 pm, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Ok guys, there seems to be a lot of hostility there which I guess is understandable if you're both big time Brian Joubert fans.

Did you see my humble pie post after his winning performance though?

The truth is that I do think he is a fantastic skater but I'm not a fan of his. This post was just me ranting because I was annoyed about what he said about Lambiel.

And Artemis: don't use the word 'Queer' as a derrogatory term on my blog. I don't like it and I won't stand for it ok?

At 11:03 pm, Anonymous Collette912 said...

well u really knew what u wer talkin about didn't you???

won every single competition he entered this year even when the other "big names" in figure skating were competeing.

you have a right to think he's "s**t" and even if he does think he's "it" (which i don't think he does anyway) thats only because it's true and he has a growing collection of gold medals to prove it.

At 2:57 pm, Anonymous Lynn said...

ahhhahhah This is hilarious... Someone looks like an a**hat now and it ain't Joubert!

At 5:02 pm, Anonymous Sanchez said...

You did see when this post was written didn't you? And you did read the subsequent posts?

Oh wait, I guess you didn't...


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