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Friday, January 19, 2007

How to Beat a Great Defense. In Three Easy Steps. (kinda)

Got D?So... despite their two wins, one against a great Ravens Defence, I have still not felt at all confident with my bet on the Colts to win the Superbowl that I made at the beginning of the post season. Yes I was getting huge odds (11/1) and yes I did do it as a 'shot to nothing' but like I said, I just don't feel confident in it at all. (Even if the bookies have reduced the price on the Colts dramatically and some have made them favorites.)

So, as I've spent all damned week gritting my teeth and clenching my ass whilst thinking about the possibility of a Colts win this weekend, I've decided to talk about the NFC championship game instead.

Now, unless you're a Bears fan or an asshole, you're rooting for the Saints to win this weekend, but you're probably a bit concerned about that Bears D. Don't be. I called up my buddy Sean this morning and gave him all the info he needs to win the game on Sunday.

"Sean" I said "Sean old buddy, old pal, heres what you need to do to win this game. I've broken it down into three easy steps:

1. Short gain on first down

2. Short gain on second down

3. Either get the First here or make sure you can set up a fourth and 1."

Thats how you beat a great Defence. Simple huh?

But seriously now, in order to win a game against a great Defence, you have to use their only weakness; they will get tired. You simply have to keep them on the field at all costs and because you're not going to be able to score on them alot or get the big gains downfield, then you have to use short gains to keep them out there.

Forget trying to throw a pass longer then five or six yards, look for quick slants and small rushing gains to get you into a 3rd and short situation and then be prepared to gamble it all on a 4th and 1. If you can successfully pull this off the way the Colts often did against the Ravens, their Defence will tire out and get demoralised.

Ofcoarse, it is a gamble so it could go horribly wrong, but you want a chance to win right? What are you gonna do, play it safe all game and lose in the fourth quarter when your D is gasping for air and shot to pieces?

Then again, what do I know, I ain't a football coach by any stretch of the imagination and I write a blog called 'shot to nothing' for goodness sake. If I were you, I wouldn't listen to some schmo like me. Why are you even reading this you dumbass, shouldn't you be working on your game plan?

Get the heck outta here Sean, we're all counting on you! (except the bears fans and the assholes that is)



At 8:01 pm, Anonymous WBRS Sports Blog said...

I am really excited to see what kind of gameplan Belichick comes up with for Manning and the Colts.


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