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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Putting Kimi in a Ferrari Won't Give Him a Personality

Nope, still dull as a door knobAs a long time Ferrari fan (ahh shadddup ya nancys) I found it pretty heart breaking when Schumacher announced his retirement... but not half as heartbreaking as when they announced that his replacement would be the King of Bland himself aka Kimi Raikkonen.

They call him 'The Ice Man' because 'he never loses his cool', but, then again, he hasn't exactly got a lot of cool to lose now has he? Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the guy or think that hes a bad race driver, its just that hes so damned dull! If you need proof, just check out some of his recent quotes on joining the Scarlet Machine:

"I expect to have a good relationship and to have fun." - Is that a fence you're sitting on or is that really as far as your imagination can stretch?

"We just need to find the best way to work together and I don't see a problem with that." - err... well I guess I don't see the problem with that either Kimi, so long as you're talking about winning F1 races and not advertising cutting edge Ferraris thats fine.

And my personal favorite:

"I'm not Michael Schumacher and the team doesn't expect me to be" No. Theres a reason the team doesn't expect you to be Michael Schumacher. Its got nothing to do with your talent buddy, they've just seen the tapes of your pre-race interviews...

Personally I think its a huge mistake putting someone so lacking in flair into the classiest outfit in racing. I mean seriously, its like asking Steve Davis and Nigel Mansell to commentate on the Olympic 100m sprint final for goodness sake.



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