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Sunday, February 18, 2007


Who knew?The International Federation of American Football was set up to introduce a World Championship for Football and also to get Football into the Oympics.

No, I didn't know it existed and I sure as hell didn't know that this year will see the THIRD IFAF World Cup. I knew Football was going global, what with the regular season game in the UK and all, but now a World Cup too? Wow.

The 2007 IFAF World Cup will be held in Kawasaki, Japan between the 7th and 15th of July and will see a team from the USA participating for the first time (which pretty much makes this the first World Cup if you ask me...) The U.S. team will be entirely made up of NCAA and NAIA players and they will be joined by five other teams hailing from around the globe; Germany, Japan, Sweden(?), France(?!) and Korea (?!!)

What makes this even more random is that Japan are not only the hosts but also the current World Champions having won the previous two World Cups.

Not to rain on their parade or anything, but I'm fairly sure the Indianapolis Colts could give Japan a run for their money. And so could the Boise State Broncos for that matter...

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