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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Blogroll Driveby...

These posts are 100% more ultra then those other posts:

If you haven't left a nice message for Insomniac then go do it now [Insomniacs Lounge]

Huge Live blogging event. Madness or Fandome - YOU DECIDE [WBRS Sports Blog]

Somebody thinks Tom Brady is going to have good season next year thanks to the Patriots moves in Free Agency. Pah what do they know [The Sports Dad]

NFL player commits minor infraction... by NFL player standards anyway. [Signal to Noise]

Have you made your final four prediction yet? [Complete Sports]

This may be the reason that I support so many crap teams [Deadspin]

and finally...

ESPN is reverting back to the 1980's. And why the hell not I say... [Awful Announcing]


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