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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Soccer IS dying - it turns out I was right...

the beast is swaying...Today the Football League set up a 'working party' to investigate ways that they can make the game more attractive.

I know; I'm as shocked as you are believe me. Traditionally the FA, the football League, Fifa, Uefa or whoever the fuck turn down any new proposals to update the game of soccer. They seem to impervious to the falling viewing figures, falling attendances and the fact that soccer is run the same way now as it was 200 sum years ago when it was invented. They refuse to even bring in instant replay to modernise the game. Even Cricket has brought in Instant replay forgoonessake...

It's good to see atleast one of the soccer governing bodies actually accepting that soccer has become...well, kinda dull. There's only so many times a guy will pay $200 to sit in his $150 shirt and watch a nil-nil draw before he starts to feel a bit short changed.

But it ain't time for the hallelujahs just yet folks. Among other things the 'working party' is looking at introducing penalties to decide drawn games. And herein lies the heart of the issue; The Football League are looking to decide the result after a draw when what they should be looking at is why there are so many draws in the first place.

I've been over and over the reasons why soccer refuses to change but the number one road block is the refusal of the governing bodies to accept that games should be won and lost in 90 minutes and the more goals the better.

And you know what? It would be ridiculously easy for them to make this happen. Just pick any one of the following:

kick-ins instead of throw-ins

Goals scored outside of the penalty box should be worth two points instead of one.

If the game is drawn on ninety minutes both keepers are removed and its sudden death.

If the game is drawn on ninety minutes both teams pick their best six players and play sudden death

If the game is drawn on ninety minutes you play sudden death until somebody wins

No more points for a draw.

Other good ideas would include: Reviewing games after they have been played and suspending any diving players for severe lengths of time. Rigidly timed clock that ends exactly on ninety minutes, only the captains can talk to the refs.

Unless any of this happens soccer will die a slow and bankrupt death.



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