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Monday, March 19, 2007

Six Nations 2007 - Best and Worst

The Six Nations was won by France with a blistering last minute try that saw them clinch victory by one solitary point over Ireland.

Here is my Best and worst for the Tournament:

Best: Johnathan Davies. There is no better sports announcer/commentator then Best. Announcer. Ever. Johnathan Davies on the entire planet. He is knowledgeable, professional and 100% unbiased even at times when even the strongest of us would want to rant at our teams' good/bad play.

(Yeah, I picked an announcer for best part of the tournament; you didn't think I'd pick a French player did you?)

Brian Ashton's decisions on the final weekend. Making an apres More like Marty than you think.
regular season Marty Shottenheimer proud, Ashton decided to put players in positions they don't play/hadn't played before (think O-lineman playing cornerback), substituted off the only player who was playing well for a player with proven crapness at international level (he didn't disappoint this time either), replaced seasoned vets on the field with unproven youngsters (despite having other seasoned vets on the bench) and sat in the stands looking bored for the entire second half.

I thought we were past all this Brian? It was for making decisions like this that your predecessor was sacked, why are you following in his footsteps?

Oh, and when your team is sucking, at least make an effort to look like it matters to you...

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