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Monday, March 19, 2007

PREVIEW: World Figure Skating Championships 2007.

So, today sees the start of the annual exhibition of just how wierd my fandom can get. This looks to be a good year for it really, what with the skaters that I support all looking fairly horrendous and the ones that I hate all finding superior form. If my T.V. set lasts the whole week without a new dent or scratch appearing then it will be an absolute miracle.

And If Sarah Meier gets maced by the judges this time around then I swear by theSarah Meier. Yeah, I know. almighty ice lord Thor, there will be hell to pay. I may just fly on out there to take my vengeance out on the swine in person (with the Eric Cantona kung-fu special attack perhaps) rather then indirectly attacking them via my... er... blog.

'Cause you gotta have goals.

Anyways, on with the preview:

Men's: It will be a sweet sweet turn of the books if Brian Joubert (FRA) doesn't win this time around. He is the in-form guy and though his season best score is below those set by the Japanese pair Daisuke Takahashi and Nobunari Oda, they will have a job beating him. That being said, this tournament is being held in Tokyo and Joubert has a knack of clutching defeat from the jaws of victory in major competitions.
Brian Joubert. Sucks.
Evan Lysacek (USA) will also challenge along with Stephane Lambiel (SWI), but I can't see either winning it. Lysacek is not as good as the judges in the U.S. want him to be and Lambiel has hardly competed at all in the season so far, so its hard to say whether he will be any good or not. As for my man Johnny Weir... well, with a seasons best of under 200 all I can say is 'good luck', and if you lose don't worry, I'll tell everyone you were screwed by the judges. Again.

Women's: Now we're talking. This year it's wide open with several skaters all looking for that perfect routine on the night to take first place. The U.S' Kimmie Meissner is the reigning World Champ and looks pretty good again this year but will face stiff opposition from Mao Asada (JPN), Yu-Na Kim (Kor), Miki Ando (JPN), the superb Carolina Kostner (ITA) and my personal favorite (and the woman of many all of my sexual fantasies) Sarah Meier (SWI).

What with this tournament being held in Tokyo and all, I would say it's very likely we will see a Japanese triumph here. Which isn't to say that it wouldn't be deserved; Mao Asada has a massive seasons best of 199.52, now that would take some beating. But ehy, if Sarah Meier finishes in the top three, I'll be partying all night no matter what else happens.

Pair's: I'm just going to go right ahead and predict the top three for ya; Xue Shen/Hongbo Zhao(CHI), Qing Pang/Jian Tong (CHI), Aliona Savchenko/Robin Szolkowy (GER) in that order. And if it don't happen like that then just call it biased judging and go back to surfing for pictures of hot ice-skating chicks like I will be.

Did I say that out loud?

'Ice Dancing' doesn't get a preview because Ice Dancing is shit. Rock n' roll.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I'm blogging about Figure Skating then you must have missed this post.

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At 4:34 pm, Anonymous Notes, thoughts and scribbles « Black sheep boy #4 said...

[...] results, medallists und so weiter I recommend this place. And hey, while you’re at it, read this [...]

At 4:50 pm, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Thanks Cyndamore!

At 5:01 pm, Anonymous Top Five Reasons why I'm not Blogging about March Madness « Shot to Nothing… said...

[...] 2. Didn’t you hear?? This week is the World Figure Skating Championships! [...]

At 5:06 pm, Anonymous Reading this Blog could make you rich. « Shot to Nothing… said...

[...] my Preview of the World Figure Skating Championships 2007 I predicted that the top three places would go to Xue Shen/Hongbo Zhao(CHI), Qing Pang/Jian Tong [...]

At 6:00 am, Anonymous Christine said...

Dude, you're hilarious, but you don't know what the heck you're talking about!

I read your other post about why a straight guy would be obsessed with f.s., so I can't for the life of me figure out (haha) why you'd call ice dancing "the rugby of the sport." Do you actually watch it, especially with the new scoring system? At Turin, it was ice dancing that was exciting and what got all the press. They're the ones who fell and that was where all the soap-opera drama was.

I also can't believe that you, as the straight male you are, have negative thoughts about the sport that has Tanith Belbin in it. I'm a straight female, and even I think she's hot! Of course, her partner, Ben Agosto, is one of the reasons I watch ice dancing.

I'm being silly, but to be serious for a minute, I disagree with you, of course. Space doesn't allow me to go into it. Suffice it to say ice dancing is one of the last vestiges of the historical aspects of figure skating. And with the new scoring system, it's more demanding and physical and exciting.

At 9:09 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Alright, for saying I'm hilarious: thank you!

The reason I say Ice dancing is the "Rugby League" of the sport is because rugby league is a less physical, less skilled and generally less entertaining brother to Rugby Union. And it's competitors are all failed Rugby Union players.

It's the same in Ice dancing. I don't believe for a second that any of the ice dancing peeps wouldn't love to be skilled enough to be figure skaters. But they aren't. It's just my opinion anyway.

Tanith Belbin is indeed hot, thanks for pointing her out to me! My heart belongs to Sarah Meier though...

At 6:56 pm, Anonymous Christine said...

Well, not knowing anything about Rugby, I can't respond to that part of your assertion. I know a little bit more about f.s., though--I've never ice skated a day in my life, but I'm pretty rabid about the sport. I even have a blog about it ( and I was lucky to attend this year's Nationals in Spokane.

You say that ice dancers aren't skilled enough to be figure skaters. Dude, you're just plain wrong! How can you say that ice dancers like Torvill and Dean aren't athletic enough? Go do a search on YouTube for their Bolero 6.0 performance. Also go see Dubreuil and Lauzon horrific fall at the 2006 Olympics and tell me i.d. isn't as thrilling or exciting (or dangerous) as the other disciplines of the sport.

Yes, it's your opinion, and this is your blog, but I'm entitled to disagree with you in your reply boxes. I think in some ways, i.d. is more athletic and difficult than the other disciplines. It's certainly is more musical and theatrical. Ice dancers have always used choreography better, and they're better at telling stories on the ice.

I.d. is like ballroom dancing. That's where its historical roots lie. I'd love to see an ice dancer on "Dancing With the Stars" (or any figure skater). Would you call professional ballroom dancers non-athletic?

At 6:11 pm, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Yeah, I kinda would. I think we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

It's the same with any posrt though, some like it, others don't and that's what makes for good discussion like this I guess. :)

At 8:42 pm, Anonymous Christine said...

Sanchez, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you--that's what you get for me being so busy. ;)

Anyway, yes, we'll have to agree to disagree. I agree, though, that it makes for good discussion. I'm certain that neither of us can change each other's minds.

That being said, I wish you would tell me why you don't think that ice dancing is really figure skating, or that ice dancers are inferior to other figure skaters. Because for the life of me, I can't understand why you would think so. Because IMNSHO, I can't see how you can watch even one elite ice dancer perform and say that.

So sanchez, please, give me specifics as to why you believe it. You say that ice dancing is the "rugby league" of f.s., but don't tell me why. You say that ice dancers are less capable, but you haven't explained why. IOW, you make these assertions but don't give me any support for them.

Because, dude, I can support my position. And I will, if you want--just ask. I'd have done it already on my blog if it weren't for the fact I'm in the middle of a crisis in my family life. But again, if you request it, I'll do it gladly, since I'm basically asking you to do the same.

But thanks for letting me share! ;)

At 2:23 am, Anonymous mcbias said...

Sanchez, I don't like figure skating quite as much as you do, but I too find it to be a very underrated sport. I'm enjoying reading blog entries from the Ladies... contest, good stuff.

At 12:49 pm, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Thanks MCBias, as you can see by the comments Figure Skating fans tend to get a little crazy if they don't agree with your point of view!

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