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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

There may be a worse team then the Dolphins in the AFC East next year.

We may be seing a lot of this next year.There is thin line between 'Pushing It' and 'Asking For It',

And when it comes to preparing to fail, well, the Bills know all about that.

The 'Pushing It' period began when we heard that not only had Nate Clements and London Fletcher-Baker been allowed to sign for other teams, but that star running back Willis Mcgahee (who was kind of carrying the team last year) had aswell.

That period is well and truly over though now baby. Grab your shit, 'cause we're headed towards the 'Asking For It' zone. It appears that Buffalo will be using a 'Running Back by Committee' set up in 07-08, just to ensure that everything really does go wrong for them. This may have worked for a little while back in 99' but I think it's a little out dated in todays NFL.

This situation is a bit like the whole men's razor blade fiasco that is going around. You know what I mean right? First we had one blade razors, then it was two. Then there was the whole Gillette Mac 3 thing (it worked for me I have to confess), which soon turned into the Wilkinson Sword four blade bohemoth and by this point I was chuckling to myself and thinking that it couldn't possibly go any further... WRONG!

We now have the Six blade Gillette Fusion which apparrently provides the 'comfort of five blades' (five blades pressed against ones throat is supposed provide comfort?) and the 'precision of one'.

That's how this 'Running Back by Committee' thing has come about. Once Bill Bellyache started going on about 'twin blades' it got the Bills thinking. And it looks like they've decided to bypass all the other steps and just head straight for the potential five blade zone...

Thanks to Dan Benton over on Fanhouse and WBRS Sports blog for this.



At 10:47 pm, Anonymous WBRS Sports Blog said...

The Bills seem like a backwards franchise right now. This situation really manifests just how good some GMs are and the fact that none of those good ones are in Buffalo currently.

At 5:17 pm, Anonymous Sanchez said...

I heard that. (gangsta accent)


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