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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bears Bring the Bucks

It still surprises me a little every year when I hear how long NFL teams take to sign their draft picks. It probably shouldn't, considering the agent driven sports world we live in, but it does.

Garrett Wolfe has become this years first rookie from the 2007 NFL draft to ink it up. He's looking at $2 million over four years with a $623,000 sweetner of a signing bonus. Man, when they hand that cheque over to you, you know, the one that you get just for signing your name, you must really feel like you've made it in this world. Good for him.
Running Back Wolfe was picked in the third round by Chicago with pick number 93. So that's half-a-mil for being picked in the third round... No I am not quite over this yet...

Oh, and if you haven't heard this yet, Devin Hester is going to play a bit of O next year which is a pretty weird decision for two reasons. One, because he's a corner back and I don't know that many corner backs with great hands and two, because doesn't that mean he won't be playing any Defence? He can't play both sides of the ball and do special teams and surely you wouldn't want him to stop returning kicks in favour of being an offensive decoy would you?


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