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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

TRANSCRIPT: Peyton Manning's Conversation with the Queen

Her Highness *bows*- This transcript was alledgedly taken during a breif conversation between Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the Second and His Righteuous Under Centreness Peyton Manning...

(Manning bows)

Peyton: Good evenin' your highness.

Queen: That's Royal Highness to you, donkey face.

Peyton: Er...

Queen: HA! Beg ones pardon, one was just jousting withst thou.

Peyton: Oh uh, hehe, very funny your Hi-er-Royal Highness. Did you happen to catch the Supebowl this year?

Queen: Catch it? One was up all night hitting fortys withst ones homies! One never misses a good game of rugger...

Peyton: Rug-ga? Oh, do ya mean Rugby? 'Cause that's not what we play ma'am, it's Football.

Queen: Nonsense! I've seen you throwing the ball around and such, that's not football, it's Rugger!

Peyton: Oh... well anyway, how did ya think I did?

Queen: Well that depends, which one were you?

Peyton: I was the Quarter Back your Highness, you know, the one throwing the ball.

Queen: That's Royal Highness and I know that you blaguard. I meant were you the one having a mediocre performance, or where you the one rolling around on your arse for most of the forth quarter?

Peyton: Uhm... uh...

Queen: Cat got ones tongue?

Peyton: I did get MVP!

Queen: Is that one of those diseases that other Quarter-fellow has?

Peyton: Uh no it's Most Valuable Player.

Queen: Most Valuable ehy? Why, one does have a high opinion of oneself...

Peyton: Ya know what Ma'am, I didn't think you would be so rude, what with you bein' queen an all

Queen: Doest thou jest?!!

Peyton: Er.. beg ur pardon?

Queen: How dare you insult your Queen!

Peyton: Technically you're not my Queen.

Queen: That's what you think! Call an audible on this donkey face!!
(lifts a large glass bottle and brings it down on Peytons head)

Queen: How does one like those intangibles? Now, someone fetch me some tea, one has a powerful thirst.

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At 7:25 pm, Anonymous cat said...

this is so stupid peyton manning should not be dissed like that

At 7:44 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

You mean dissed by me or dissed by the Queen?

At 1:45 pm, Anonymous Johj said...

Why on earth Americans cannot get into their heads that a King or Queen is addressed with Your MAJESTY and never highness, royal highness, etc.
Not that it would be sucha big deal...but just wondering

At 4:59 pm, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Is that the way it's supposed to be then? 'Majesty' instead of highness?

At 9:46 pm, Anonymous Prince Charles said...

Dont talk about my mummy like that.

At 7:36 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...


At 2:07 pm, Anonymous Fu1crum said...

Somehow I doubt that the Queen wouldn't know what the difference between Rugby and Football is.

At 11:15 pm, Anonymous jason said...

I can't believe I took the time to read that. I thought there would be a punchline.

At 6:49 pm, Anonymous LusunguMhidze said...

Wow!Is the Queen who is so innocent or she is just a pig.

At 2:47 am, Anonymous annoyed_with_you said...

wow....yall seriously need to get a life.....that was absolutely pathetic.....and dont even try to mess with peyton my boy.......

At 8:39 pm, Anonymous HaleyHoops6 said...

Peyton manning shouldn't be dissed so bad like that!! thats so stupid why would the queen even say that?!

At 12:32 pm, Anonymous arooj said...

hey :)

i like the princess diana

she is no1 best women i know

she came my old school called north manchester for girls ..........

i like her the best

she is funny with other people

see ya



At 6:08 pm, Anonymous not-so-royale said...

lol :D

At 11:00 pm, Anonymous Jeffrey Constanz said...

This stinks! peyton manning's awesome and wouldn't do that. he should beat the crap out her fucking ass.

At 9:41 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

For the love of the Lord, this post was written in jest and it was written last year!

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At 9:59 pm, Anonymous resouces stuff said...



At 7:09 am, Anonymous JOHn said...

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At 8:06 pm, Anonymous Niki said...

lmfaoo. this is hilarious.

At 11:04 am, Anonymous Joseph Wright said...

She is a real motherfucker!


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