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Monday, August 20, 2007

Football Week (2): AFC North Preview

It’s football week (part deux) here on planet Shot To Nothing and so we’re going to be previewing a different NFL division every day. And also comparing each team to a popstar… ’cause that’s the kinda shit we’re into. Bitch.

AFC North

Theoretically tough to call, but in practice we go with the gut. So, in their predicted order:

The Baltimore Ravens - Dr Dre
That Defense may be getting older, but they can still deal out the best beats to anyone who dares to challenge them. Having said that, this is the year for the Ravens, it's either win big now or spend the next five years wondering about what could have been. They've certainly made some steps in the right direction by bringing in Willis McGahee. If everything clicks for them this season, not only will they win their division but they should be firm contenders for the Superbowl.

The Cincinnati Bengals - Timbaland
Not quite as skilled as the Ravens but the Bengals are filled with incredible flair and they are a lot of fun to watch. Last season a run of frankly weird form saw them go 8-8 and miss out on the playoffs. Was I the only one pre-season who had them pegged as SUperbowl contenders? Well if I was then I'm sure this year I won't be. Their Defense still sucks though, so they will have to have the 'Brazil Mentality' in their approach to the big games, but with that offense, it shouldn't be a problem. Their record will likely reflect the toughness of their division but I believe, if they can just stop getting arrested, then this might be a great year for them.

The Pittsburgh Steelers - Jazzy Jeff
The Steelers time at the top has passed, plain and simple. With Mike Tomlin's first season they should be looking to prevent a full-on cyclical decline and try to hold on for a winning season. Ben Roethlisberger has looked pretty damned sharp in the pre-season and I think that the Steelers will be a tough team to beat, but not playoff contenders by any stretch.

The Cleveland Browns - The producer that thought Vanilla Ice could make a

Humourously enough, there are pundits out there that think the Browns are going to be a good team this season. I wait with eager anticipation to see this perenially bad team fail miserably once again and too watch Brady Quinn become a bust. I'm going to 'go out on a limb' here and predict that the Browns will have the most interceptions this season. Apart
from the aquisition of Joe Thomas, I really don't know what other good news there is for the Browns.

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At 6:13 am, Anonymous twins15 said...

I think the Steelers have a chance, but that's mostly because I love Mike Tomlin. The Ravens will be very tough though.


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