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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Football Week (2): NFC East Preview

It’s football week (part deux) here on planet Shot To Nothing and so we’re going to be previewing a different NFL division every day. And also comparing each team to a popstar… ’cause that’s the kinda shit we’re into. Bitch.

NFC East
The division full of teams I love to hate. In their predicted order:

The Dallas Cowboys - Eamon
Annoyingly successful. No matter how much I want them to bomb the Cowboys always seem to go from good enough to really good wihtout ever dipping into totally shite. Personally I don't think Tony Romo is anywhere near as good as his hype suggests but I think the cowboys
have built a nice offense to surround him with and though it pains me to say it, I think they can win the division this year. Why? Because the Eagles are going to suck more frequently. There, I said it.

The Philadelphia Eagles - Frankie
The Eagles look kinda hot on the surface but there's something about them that stops me from picking them out as winners this season. It's not something I can put my finger on but it's there nonetheless. I know the fans and pundits are all 'Yay, McNabb's back' but is he going to last the whole season? I doubt it. And if he does get inmjured again, then what?
I think the Eagles will make the playoffs but only by the skin of their beaks.

The New York Giants - Ashlee Simpson
The Giants are going to suck this season. Eli Manning is Mr. Inconsistant, Tom Coughlin hasn't got a clue and the one guy who dragged them kicking and screaming through last season has decided it would be better to retire then to play another down as a Giant. The only reason I'm not putting them last is because the Redskins are going to suck more. Just.

The Washington Redskins - Nick Lachey
The Redskins are on the up again this season but will struggle to get the success they want. But Clinton Portis is back and the offense is getting better every year so the Redskins are definately on the way up. It won't be much longer before they start competing for the division title again.

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