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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Football Week (2): NFC South Preview

It’s football week (part deux) here on planet Shot To Nothing and so we’re going to be previewing a different NFL division every day. And also comparing each team to a popstar… ’cause that’s the kinda shit we’re into. Bitch.

NFC South

One star team and a load of 'also rans'. In their predicted order:

The New Orleans Saints - Beyonce
Fantastic to watch and with flair to spare, The Saints will continue to progress this season, winning the division and making another run at the
big one. If this years draft goes as well as last years draft then, holy crap...

The Carolina Panthers - Kelly Rowland
The Panthers Roster looks really fantastic but they just haven't had the success that you would think would come easy to them. Is that Jake Delhomme's
fault? Maybe, but if it is then David Carr will soon sort that out. If, as I suspect though, the Panthers problem is a coaching one, then I don't think we'll see much roar from them this season. I can't see them making the playoffs.

The Atlanta Falcons - Michelle Williams
The Falcons have been fading from peoples prediction lists more and more every year. I can't even guess at what will happen with the Michael Vick situation but I can't see Harrington having anywhere near the same effect on Defenses. And if they loose that threat, what exactly have the Falcons got going for them? This is going to be a bad, bad year for them.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Wasn't there a fourth member once?
Sorry Bucs fans, Jeff Garcia is not as good as you think he is and he sure as heck isn't the answer to your crazy QB shenanigans. The Bucs made some pretty decent off-season moves, Gaines Adams and Cato June are sure to liven things up, and they are certainly a team on the up, but this is another rebuilding year for them so don't expect too much.

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At 5:33 am, Anonymous twins15 said...

My order of finish:

1. New Orleans
2. Carolina
3. Tampa Bay
4. Atlanta

NO certainly looks to have a decently clear path to the division crown, but then again this is the NFL.

At 6:57 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

So it is. I'm already starting to reconsider not putting the Falcons in last.

At 2:47 pm, Anonymous dailytri said...

I've always respected Bucs, but it's getting harder and harder. At least Aimee gives good reason to continue my guarded appreciation.

At 8:15 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

I heard that!


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