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Monday, January 15, 2007

Holmgren and Holmgren; Crime Brothers of Playoff City


The following phone conversation took place on Sunday evening via two indiscriminate payphones one in Chicago the other in New Orleans.

Caller 1: ...yeah once the lice get in there, they can be damned hard to shift, but anyway, thats not what I called to talk about.

Caller 2: No, I thought not, do you think they're on to us?

Caller 1: Don't be ridiculous, you changed your name to 'Reid' didn't you? They'll never figure out that we're brothers.

Caller 2: I guess you're right.

Caller 1: Ofcoarse I am! I was right when I payed that ball boy to feed the K-ball to Romo last week wasn't I?

Caller 2: Hehe, you sure were bro. He dropped that slippery sucker like a fresh trout!

(various gut laughing from both ends of the line)

Caller 1: Nudge, nudge, wink, wink ehy?

Caller 2: You said it bro...

Caller 1: Oh and by the way, getting Couglin back to the Giants for another year was a masterstroke. Kudos for that one.

Caller 2: Yeah, that one cost me BIG.

Caller 1: It'll be worth every penny though little guy. I need to know though, what went wrong in N'orlins?

Caller 2: My source bribed the wrong guy. Don't worry about him though, hes been taken care of.

Caller 1: Well who'd he bribe then?

Caller 2: Bruce Mcallister.

Caller 1: The writer?

Caller 2: The same.

Caller 1: oh man...

Caller 2: So look, if you need any copies of that book 'Dream Baby' I got a hole bundle in my trunk...

Caller 1: Atleast our loss wasn't down to miss management at all.

Caller 2: Oh really?

Caller 1: No, my son just had a bad day.

Caller 2: Your son?

Caller 1: yeah, ya know - Matt.

Caller 2: err...

(There is a sound of sirens in the background)

Caller 1: Damn!

Caller 2: We better cut this short bruv. How bout that Detroit first pick? You think you can get me that?

Caller 1: Maybe, I'll let you know. Until then, Faggedaboudid...

(The call ends abruptly at this point)



At 2:52 pm, Anonymous WBRS Sports Blog said...

Very funny if only that had actually taken place. That would be the day.

At 7:00 pm, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Are you suggesting that I made it up?

How dare you :)


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