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Saturday, January 13, 2007

How can this be true?

In Papua New Guinea, (which is to the North of Australia dumbasses), the pansy ass 'sport' known as Rugby League is the number one most popular sport.

They Love Ruby League. Losers. Firstly, with more than two thirds of the globe citing soccer as their number one sport and the big ass country to the South of them hosting all manner of sports such as Cricket, Soccer, Aussie Rules Football, Rugby Union etc etc, how the heck did Rugby League even get there?

Secondly, the only sport that Papua New Guinea have a moderately decent national team in is Rugby Union, they are crap at everything else!

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!! Rugby League is only played by those not good enough to play Rugby Union. It is a lame excuse for a sport. How can it possibly be named as number one sport in ANY country?

I'm not happy about this. This is a situation that must be rectified. The fight starts here.

(Also: Archery is the number one sport in Bhutan. I'm not unhappy about this. They can have archery.)



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