Shot to Nothing

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Who dat said those Colts gon' lose? Who dat?

Worth every penny.Indianapolis Colts 15 - Baltimore Ravens 6

I wanted to title this post 'Perfect Offensive line seals it for the Colts' but, for one, it really sucks as a title and more importantly, it just wouldn't be fair.

Yes the Colts offensive line were magnificent in that fourth quarter trench battle, but their D were superb as well and Adam Viniateri is going to be the name on everyone's lips today.

The truth is (no matter how corny it sounds) that the whole team played well as a unit and yes, Peyton did throw two soft interceptions through frustration, but he also read the Ravens run defence brilliantly, constantly changing the running lanes on the line of scrimmage and then watching as Rhodes sealed the deal. Between them Rhodes and Addai only managed 95 yards (I say only... this is the Ravens D we're talking about), but those yards came at crucial times and were led by the strength of that fantastic O-line.

There was a brief second before that last field goal when I found myself forseeing a clang off the goal posts and a quick TD turn around for the Ravens. It felt like it was fated to happen. Then all of a sudden Manning had his arm in the air, Dungy was saying 'money, money' over and over to himself and I remembered just how damned efficient that number four is.

Then again, I guess when you've kicked the winning kick in the dying seconds of the Superbowl, the pressure just washes off you like water off a ducks back.



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