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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Massa on Pole. Position that is...

On Pole...Felipe Massa set himself up for another fall yesterday when he claimed first place with another excellent qualifying session. Lets just hope he doesn't get over exuberant again and end up dropping down the field faster then a mid season Terrel Owens.

Perhaps even more impressive yesterday, was Lewis Hamilton's performance, edging out not only his own teammate, the 'Almost Average' Alonso, but also the second Ferrari of 'Robot' Raikkonen.

I'm not a commie or anything, but the scarlet red of Ferrari flows in my veins and as much as I like Lewis Hamilton and see him as the future star of the sport, I just can't bring myself to support him. Until we see him in a Ferrari that is, but he's been under the McClaren wing since he was in Junior Karting, so I can't see that one coming around.

It should be a good race anyway, I've got everything crossed that Massa can win this one.

Update:- Massa did indeed win the Bahrain Grand Prix in a race that was posibly the most void in entertainment value of all time. Seriously, it doesn't even warrant a full post. The race, quite literally, started how it finished; 1st: Massa (Ferrari) 2nd: Hamilton (McClaren) 3rd: Robot-man (Ferrari). I'm glad for Ferrari, but not for the sport.

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