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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

CSI:NY to John McEnroe - "That Ball Was NOT On the Line"

Kudos once again goes to Michael David Smith of 'The Fanhouse' for this little beauty.

I'm not sure why the prospect of seeing John McEnroe acting in a 'CSI stylee' makes me smile, but it does and if you feel the same then the show airs tonight at 10.00pm (I believe) . I'm not a big CSI fan but I will at-least be tivo-ing this sucker.

[Michael David Smith on The Fanhouse]

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At 5:52 am, Anonymous WBRS said...

Johnnie Mac is the man!

At 4:26 pm, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Yes he is. It's a damn shame there aren't any players like him on the circuit right now.


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