Shot to Nothing

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

#4 Chris Moneymaker

Moneymaker by name... moneymaker by nature.In 2003 an accountant who qualified online, wins the WSOP Main Event and changes the history of poker for all time.

The online poker world explodes with every average joe now feeling like he's got a shot. With more and more players, tournament numbers are boosted and soon T.V. companies want in. The 'World Poker Tour' is created and the poker world is brought to the mainstream, with millions of fans watching world wide. And all because of one accountant and part time poker player.

And I couldn't give a flying fuck about any of that because as far as I'm concerned, having 'Moneymaker' as your last name is far cooler than any other thing you could achieve in life. By my book anyways...



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