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Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm not entirely sure driving around city streets at 200MPH in the dark is a great idea.

So it looks like there's going to be a formula 1 event taking place in Singapore next year.'Singapore?' you say, 'Does that tiny island even have the space for a race track?' Well, no. But it doesn't need one, they're just going to set up a good old fashioned Street Circuit.

Oh and they might choose to run the race in the dark. But don't worry, apparently there'll be lights. Gee, these guys really think of everything don't they? Here's an example of your typical Singaporean street:-

I'm assuming this isn't one of the one's they'll be using for the race. But maybe they should ya know, spice things up a little.

What I really love about this story though is the quotes. Firstly you have Bernie Ecclestone, owner and promoter of Formula 1:

"Singapore is going to be the leader with the street race at night - we're excited about the idea"

...followed quickly by Singapore's Minister of State for Trade and Industry Mr. Iswaran:

"Safety is of paramount concern to all of us,"

Yeah huh, I'm not convinced that the Singaporean government is 100% sold on this idea yet. But you know what? they should be. Every Formula 1 fan's favorite race is the one held every year in Monaco which, if you didn't know, is an uncompromisingly tiny street circuit. We love it because it tests the drivers' skills to the limits. Imagine how testing a circuit like that would be in the dark and that's the Singapore Grand Prix right there.

And as long as it's over there and not anywhere near my house, I guess I'm happy to see it happen.

[BBC Sport]

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At 7:34 pm, Anonymous fantasybowl said...

Whoa, that would be nuts. I would love to see how that pans out.

At 11:06 am, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Yeah you and me both friend. I'm concerned of-course, but not enough to make me not want to see this happen!

At 6:01 pm, Anonymous TheStarterWife said...

When I was a kid we went to Singapore, and you could not even find gum. I cannot believe they'd want racing there.

At 5:40 pm, Anonymous Sanchez said...

Yeah, and don't you get busted for severe crimes such as J-Walking and Swearing in Public?

Man, it's a good thing the NFL isn't headed over there!

At 7:40 pm, Anonymous Brian said...

haha, there's only like 4 people posting...haha!

At 7:42 pm, Anonymous f1aroo said...

I like NASCAR! Thats the real racing sport

At 9:57 pm, Anonymous ken said...

Singapore can hold this racing is good for every one. This show that Singapore can do it. even Singapore is tiny place, WHO know.


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