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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Global Update

As you can see by the picture to your right, the Leicester Tigers won the Guinness Rugby Union Premiership yesterday. and they did it in spectacular form, smashing Gloucester by 44-16. The best description of the Tigers performance came from one of the commentators who likened it to "Watching a tank being driven like a sports car"

This was the tigers third attempt at the Premiership title and having finally won it they are now on course to win the treble.

Btw, the whole Ricky Williams testing positive whilst trying to re-enter the NFL thing has not passed me by. It's just that my seething disbelieve at the mans stupidity is requiring me to right a full post on the matter at a later date.

Raphael Nadal has shown how outrageously good he is on clay by taking his 76th victory on the surface and simultaneously breaking John McEnroe's previous record for most wins on one surface. It's good to see someone with a bit of passion and character taking centre stage in the Tennis world. I like Federer as much as the next guy, but he's not all that exhilarating personality wise is he?

Incidentally, Federer has unexpectedly split from his coach, Tony Roche. Both sides say the decision was mutual - yeah, sure it was. I guess if you're Roger Federer you're probably wondering if there's anything left to learn about Tennis.

The Spanish Grand Prix is the next race in the Formula 1 Calender and takes place in just over an hour from now. Felipe Massa has once again claimed pole position with a fairly ridiculous last second charge. Being a Ferrari fan, I would love to love Massa, if only he would get through a damned race without screwing the pooch several times and gifting the victory to the opposition. Ragnamit.

Other then that, The Spurs are helping the Suns to set, the Yankees have a losing record and everybody is pretty impressed with the Warriors. But then you knew that already didn't you?

That's it for your Sunday Global update, take it easy y'all.

[BBC Sport]


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