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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

America's Cup Semi Final Update. Deal with it.

For some reason I find myself wondering what it would look like if there was a cut to Sylvester Stallone right now, hammering away at a punch bag and then turning to us and saying "Are you ready for some Sailing?!"

But perhaps that's just me... no matter, on with the update!

Remember me saying that Emirates Team New Zealand got to pick their opponent in the semi's? No? What do you mean no?! Didn't you read the last America's Cup post huh scumbag?!! Well anyway, they picked Desafio Espanol 2007 and was obviously the right choice as they've won the last two races, which gives them a 2-0 point lead in the race to five points.

The other Semi-final is more even at one race (and point) a piece. Apparently there was an awesome comeback by BMW Oracle Racing(USA) today to clinch the win over Lunar Rossa Challenge (ITA):

"The American team was 14 seconds behind at the beginning of the final run, but made a great pass down the left hand side of the race course, streaking past what appeared to be a slower Italian boat."

And you know what? It does actually sound kind of exciting doesn't it? Not actually worth watching sure, but exciting nonetheless. I'll keep you updated on how it plays out.

[32nd America's Cup OfficialWebsite]

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