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Monday, May 14, 2007

Massa Wins but has Nada on Hamilton

Felipe Massa won the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday, starting from pole position and leading from the front the whole way. I'm starting to think that Formula 1 is abusing the word 'racing'.

The only action of any note came right at the beginning when Alonso, being the good sport that he is, tried to force Massa's Ferrari off the road at the first corner. Fortunately he managed to lose control of his own car and ended up splashing into the gravel. He wasn't done there though, as the world looked on in disbelief he splayed his vehicle straight back on to the track and came a milimetre away from taking out his own team-mate Lewis Hamilton. Gee, that Alonso... what a guy!

Apart from that there was precisely Zero action in the Spanish Grand Prix. If it hadn't been for Kimi Robotkonen's Ferrari breaking down, the first three finishers would have been in the same order they were as they exited the first turn. Laps 65, Entertainment Nil.

The good news is that McLaren rookie Lewis Hamilton is now leading the Championship leaderboard. This is funny because Alonso (the current World Champion) is being thrashed every week by his rookie team-mate. And it's driving him crazy.

The current standings are like so:

1 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 30
2 Fernando Alonso McLaren-Mercedes 28
3 Felipe Massa Ferrari 27
4 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 22
5 Nick Heidfeld BMW Sauber 15

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